“Fantastic clearing of energies and release of emotions. Katy Rose is a magnificent channel for healing.”– Jan Hamilton, PhD

“I am a person who, for many years now, has been able to accomplish my own work, without assistance, on clearing and healing personal issues.  I have had many issues to clear in my life and learned how to do this from a good teacher.  Recently, having gotten to a place in my own growth that I just didn’t seem to be able to move through, I made an appointment with Katy Rose.   Our session was quite powerful – extraordinary even.  With Katy’s help I found my way into core family issues experienced on a spiritual level and was gently guided through them.

I honestly don’t remember a lot of details about the session.   What I do know is that beginning a few days after the session, what had been blocked energy was now free and moving…  and has been ever since then.  I thank you Katy for sharing your gifts with the world…  and I highly recommend that anyone considering working with Katy should just go do so!  She is an authentic healer who wants only to use her abundant skills to help others.” – Lynne R. –  Educator, Entrepreneur, Author

“Katy Rose is a very gifted spiritual healer who connects at a deep heart and soul level with her clients. With grace and warmth she guided my session as I met my spirit helpers and was shown aspects of my life in need of healing. I now feel able to meet each day with confidence and strength thanks to Katy’s assistance. I highly recommend her!” – Dr. Shayn Smith of Shayn Vedic Astrology 

“When I first was told of Katy Rose, I immediately sensed a guidance to have a session with her. She connected right into me. I felt extremely comfortable with her loving and gentle approach. She shared on many levels what she could see happening and I could feel the healing work taking place.

She revealed information I could identify with and knew this was in my highest good. The shift that occurred was profound. I didn’t know what to expect but as I became aware I found that I had direction and was no longer searching for a way through this. 

What is really going on is addressed and that is where the healing work did more than just “treat” me; it has given me the in-sight as to how to support my healing. This healing process will continue as I move forward with myself. I have seen the changes and others have noticed as well.

I do healing work and for me to give the symptoms of my illness would only give power to the manifestation so I choose to not go into the drama. My priority in healing is the self, which allows me to become more available to others!

I have been blessed and I give my gratitude and appreciation for the many gifts Katy Rose has for us all. Mitakuye oyasin,  – Rebecca Ramon, “Featherheart” Shaman Healer

“After a session with Katy I felt grounded and calm, whole and confident. My heart felt light and I noticed immediately that I was less critical of others, choosing to see them with love rather than judgment. The session also provided me with guidance regarding my purpose. Katy Rose is a gifted healer and I am so grateful for the time I spent with her!” – Holly B., Colorado Real Estate Broker

“I must admit, I was skeptical, however, after a few minutes with Katy, I was completely at ease. I had been trying to heal from past issues for years with very slow progress. Katy validated many things for me helping me to heal from some long held trauma.  After only one treatment with Katy, it was like everything opened up inside me. I immediately felt more grounded, clearer minded and renewed.  My experience has been amazing and surely will contribute greatly to my overall health and well-being.” –Jodi N. – Loveland, CO

“Healing with Katy I experienced immediately. It brought up for me an issue that had needed healing for some time. The messages she gave me from my guide were accurate. I feel grateful for the benefit I have received. Love and Light, Katy Rose.” – Roberta H.

 “Working with Katy is an incredible experience . I feel profound life changes in self-awareness and healing. I am much more aware of who I am and my purpose both physically and spiritually. What a joy! What a gift! I am very grateful! “– Linda H., RN