Soul Scripts

Enlightenment: Express yourself completely, then become quiet. Open yourself to heaven and earth and be like the forces of nature: when the wind blows, there is only the wind; when it rains, there is only the rain; when the clouds pass, the sun promises to shine. If you open yourself to insight, you are at one with insight and you can use it completely. Open yourself to heaven and earth, then trust your natural responses, and everything will fall into place. – Lao Tsu

Life is the Sacred Trust, the true communion between Soul and its Creator.  – Katy Rose (2003)

Reflections on Shen Cycle – Katy Rose (2017)

I am the fire that gives birth to earth in the late summer of yellow sound. I am joy in the singing of harvest when as fire, I separated the pure from the not so pure as the supreme controller: Heart. I taste sweetness in the hot humidity as autumn weeps in letting go of pungent smell. I am not without grief as the blue reservoir of deep water holds thought innocently moistening the planner with the shouting green of spring growth. I am the decision maker and I love the brilliant red of fire’s speech. If my child cries, call mother water for balanced presence, as I remember the windy summer of grandma’s heart.

There is a respectable place of common ground when one day the intuitive experiential experiences will be met with the highly developed intellectual perspective with a trusting openness and in time, the two will emerge into a greater respect and acceptance of God’s love. – Katy Rose (2005)


 Prayer of Loving Intention –  Katy Rose (2007)

May a gentle wind of loving mercy bless your heart with a tender kiss of love, beauty and kindness lifting your spirit in gracious perspective, sound and symphony to live and may the power of your heart direct you into the most authentic dream of your spirit with ease, comfort and joy.


What is Spiritual Bypassing? – Katy Rose (2018)

Spiritual bypassing occurs when one chooses spirituality to disassociate from unresolved grief in subtle body awareness. Buddhist psychologist, John Welwood in 1984 coined this term to describe “a widespread tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks.”


Reflections – Katy Rose (2018)

Primordial wisdom or true heart wisdom is the seat of basic goodness. When we choose to experience the truth in heart speak, we offer purity and peace to our neighbors. We then reflect the gentle wisdom of the cosmic mirror as mercy and compassion as we heal the disassociation compelling wisdom and emotional peace. This clarity motivates Soul’s curiosity to live with kindness and respect.