Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing Welcomes You! 

Mission: to heal the chronic anxiety and emotional distress living in our psychological values disrupting the quality of our lives.

How: through gently guided meditation voyaged through spiritual clairvoyance into the Light to identify your current core issue, companion with its message, extend gratitude, forgive, release into the Light and Heal.

Core Values establish that basic goodness lives in every human being, therefore, all are deserving of love, respect and personal dignity.

Origins began in a Near Death Experience related to a traumatic event.

I was carried through a pulsing artery of sparkling blue sound nestled in vast swirling worlds of white light. Spiritual Beings studied me along the way imbuing gifts of loving, compassionate mercy.

I awoke into a gentle flush of flowing kindness as a whirlpool of loving intelligence appeared. Its core, a living void, pulsed steady sounds of strengthening harmonies as its outer perimeter lavished thunderous, dynamic waterfalls of sparkling generosity. 

As I stood in this holy eternal flow of our Creator, I was given a choice to stay or return. Upon choosing to return, the Eternal spoke: 

“Take my Heart and give to Others what I have given You. Be the Direction of Your Own Spirit.”

Thus was born Katy’s ministry as a healer of subtle body trauma, grief and loss: Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing.