Katy was a professional health care worker specializing in memory care, mental health and hospice for nearly 15 years, a former ordained minister and hospital chaplain.

Katy attended Naropa University in Boulder, CO studying Contemplative Psychology: Humanistic/Existential, Transpersonal, Buddhist, Western Personality Theories and Developmental Psychology. She also completed the first three levels of Shambhala training:  The Art of Being Human, Birth of the Warrior and  Warrior in the World.  

Currently, Katy is writing her first book and facilitating Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing sessions.

She holds membership in The Parliament of World Religions which seeks to promote interfaith harmony; has affiliation with the Interfaith Network on Mental Illness in Boulder County and donates quarterly to the Boulder County Colorado Chapter of 100+ Women Who Care. 

Katy, a well-seasoned daily practitioner of meditation, believes learning to cherish our traumas as God markers of spiritual brilliance awakens personal peace and loving kindness in all matters of the heart, thus justice and equanimity of spacious trust emerges with graceful encounter of the Christ/Buddha consciousness.

Katy died in 2003 from a fatal heart attack caused by deep personal shock, resulting in multiple, significant losses in all areas of her life.

In her death, Katy was greeted by a receiving line of spiritual beings who carried her collapsed body inside a soft blue light centered in vast swirling worlds of bright white light.

As Katy began to awake in the arms of these magnificent, loving beings, she felt a flush of gentle flowing kindness reconnecting the torn, subjective tissues of her heart noticing how each being was blessing and restoring the integrity of her chakra centers respectively.

Katy was then presented to an enormous whirlpool of energy – its core, a living void, pulsing steady sounds of strengthening harmonies encouraging her to live and breathe. Its outer perimeter poured forth thunderous, dynamic waterfalls of generosity as embryonic waves of love and mercy were rebuilding the intimacies of her heart. 

Katy soon realized she stood in the holy flow of our Creator – its Heart, its Love and Kindness.

She was then given a choice, to return to her present life on earth, or to continue home into the Light of God. Katy, a single mother at the time, chose to return to earth for her young son, Justin. Upon her decision, she then heard this loving being of merciful generosity speak:

“Take my heart and give to others what I have given to you. Be the direction of your own Spirit.”

Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing welcomes people of all faiths, levels of education and circumstance who wish to heal a core level grief causing imbalance in some aspect of their life. Sessions are respectfully quiet, interfaith, intercultural, gently meditative, prayer centering journeys of divine co-facilitation that open the heart and mind in the glory and presence of  our Creator’s Light and Love. Mental clarity and emotional peace are gifted to the participant as the core knot of grief releases.

Life purpose is restored.