Katy Rose is a present day mystic and contemplative, having experienced God directly as she died and entered the Light, only then, to return as a Spiritual Healer of Subtle Body Trauma, Grief and Loss.

Her death was caused by the shock of a devastating trauma maliciously intended to destroy her sense of connection and belonging in faith, family and community.  The person responsible for this attack was an undiagnosed schizophrenic family member, also found to be suffering from dissociative identity disorder or more commonly known as multiple personality disorder. 

In her “Near Death Experience” as she entered the Light, she was greeted by Spiritual Light representatives of many faith systems with loving welcome. Some of the more prominent ones were of Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism, along with Native American and Asian spiritual cultures.  

Katy then collapsed in Archangel Michael’s arms. With great care and attention he carried her through seven distinct heavens in a soft sound of blue light encompassed by swirling vast worlds of bright white light.  

The “Great Masters of the Heart,”  a sovereign  group of  White Light Spiritual Beings, specific to each of these seven planes blessed Katy with a graceful loving encounter as they carefully studied and healed the intimate brokenness in her subtle bodies. 

When the healing was complete, Archangel Michael presented Katy to an enormous whirlpool of energy pouring forth from its outer perimeters, thunderous, dynamic waterfalls of embryonic love and mercy while its core appeared as a Living Void, pulsing steady sounds of strengthening harmonies encouraging Katy to live and breathe. 

She soon realized she stood in the Holy flow of our Creator – God itself, it’s Heart, it’s Love and eternal Kindness. She was given a choice to stay or to return to earth. Katy chose to return for her young son who witnessed her untimely death. God then spoke: 

“Take my Heart and give to others what I have given to you. Be the direction of your own Spirit.”

Thus, was born Katy’s ministry and service as a spiritual healer of subtle body trauma, grief, and loss: Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing.

Before Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing, Katy studied in her early teens, with the Catholic Sisters of Christian Charity who are dedicated to living fully in the holy heart of the Christ-Mystery in loving service to their Church and community with intent to eventually accept vows as a Catholic Sister (Nun).

In her senior high school year, at Central Catholic, a Catholic priest advised her spiritual experiences were beyond the understanding of religion, therefore,  recommended she walk the self-directed path of her heart’s spirit, not man’s discourse of religion. 

Katy then passionately pursued personal and formal study in world religions and spirituality seeking the respectful balance of spiritual discipline in daily living and worship.

Her personal journey inspired an ordination as a member of the clergy and  she served as a Trustee on the State Board to a one thousand membership faith community practicing daily contemplative meditations, holy chants and mindfulness.

Katy also facilitated Satsang classes, Introductory talks, workshops and Worship Services. She created youth programs and seminars, and was a Master of Ceremonies speaker for international events.

During her early years while studying with the Sisters of Christian Charity, Katy began writing deep, mystical poetry questioning the very nature of God. Her poetry was first published in the Kutztown State College newspaper, when she was 15 years old. This resulted in receiving a writing scholarship to the Regional School of the Arts.

Katy has continued to write and has been published in various journals throughout the years. Currently, she is writing her first book. 

Katy’s reverence for the Divine Mystery began when four years of age. As she would begin to fall asleep, a brilliant white light would appear, tendering a rolling wave of soft blue sound. Spiritual Beings began appearing in pairs as a melodic kindness of loving trust.

She recognized Jesus of Nazareth, the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, but she did not know the name of the swarthy, red robed, bearded Monk or the older Chinese man with a long white tapered beard and sparkling eyes. Eventually she learned one was a Tibetan Buddhist Monk and the other was Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher. 

Nightly spiritual discourse continued for many years with these majestic beings as they taught from the relational aspect of the Divine Mystery for purposes of her human journey.

Katy describes the experience of these nightly visitors as follows: 

Jesus was very kind and adored me as a young child. His love was very personal and compassionate. He taught me how to forgive and gave me hope for the things to come. Our relationship has always been as brother and sister. I felt valued and safe with Jesus. He was my big brother, protector and confidant. I was his little sister. I adored him and still do.  

The Tibetan red robed, bearded Buddhist Monk held my spirit with such loving care as he taught me the wisdom of creation and its meaning. He was preparing me spiritually to stand calmly present with human dignity and grace while navigating through the darkness soon to engulf my young and future adult  life. He taught me the holy chants of his ministry to protect my spirit and sense of human self. 

The older Chinese man taught me the holistic way of living through the wisdom of intuitiveness and gentleness. He was very kind and seemed personally interested in how my story would unfold in the near future. He would always bless me in a sacred wind chant each night. 

Archangel Michael was assigned to me as a human child to protect my human life. He was strong and very large in appearance, enormous, actually. He stood several stories high, maybe 30 or more feet. I was just a child, so I was not sure exactly, just that he was magnificent as he resonated a brilliant blue softness of light that embraced me with warmth and kindness. 

Archangel Gabriel was the messenger of all that was to come. He presented the structure of the darkness and why it was to manifest so devastatingly in my life. He told me I would die from the shock and trauma, more than once, but would always be healed in the Light of Creator’s love and purpose for me. Archangel Gabriel also told me I would give birth to a male child from the same Spirit Light of my Soul origins. 

Archangel Raphael loved me dearly. His emanating grace and compassion became my golden compass of trust and belief in the service of loving forgiveness. He told me I am a Healer and that life will present many twists and turns in the human trauma. He asked me to trust in the healing green of his heart light for it will always guide me into a restorative contemplative peace. 

Archangel Uriel presented me with the truth of my choice to enter into a human consciousness which was to serve and heal this family of choice, as she taught me the warriorship of justice and equanimity in personal value and belief.  

Eventually, Katy came to know the Tibetan Monk as representative of the Dali Lama consciousness, and the older Chinese man as Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer, author of the Tao Te Ching and founder of Taoism. These seven beings have been with Katy her entire life.  

Katy’s human birth family suffered from severe generational trauma linked to cultural and personal devastations of consciousness. The family Soul had become enmeshed in a violent display of deadly maladaptive behaviors, addictions and very serious illnesses. Katy entered this family system of Souls to awaken its heart of fractured brokenness to the miracle of Soul Light intelligence, wisdom and healing. Her personal story of survival in this family’s disgraced violence is riveting, complex and mind bending.  

Professionally, Katy worked in mental health and end of life care with children and adults. She had received extensive clinical training in skilled nursing care and mental health awareness. Previous to her nursing career, Katy managed a multi-state healing practice of chiropractic, herbal and homeopathy wellness: Colorado, Texas and California.  

She studied Contemplative Psychology, Personality Theories and the Shambhala teachings at the Buddhist inspired Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She did this in effort to bridge the understanding and integration of spiritual faith principles with the psychological dynamics of the human consciousness. 

She holds membership in the Parliament of World Religions which seeks to promote Interfaith harmony and has  affiliation with The Interfaith Network on Mental Illness in Boulder County which promotes the importance of spirituality in mental health healing.

Katy also donates quarterly to the Boulder County Colorado Chapter of 100+ Women Who Care, a group of women donating collectively $60,000/yearly to Boulder County, Colorado nonprofits.