Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing protects your privacy and will not share your personal information with anyone. It does not replace any current therapies or medical protocols as it is a spiritual complementary medicine.

If you are struggling with forgiveness, fear, loss, anxiety and/or unresolved trauma, faith conflicts, moral injury, depression or relationship issues, Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing will offer you a contemplative healing of peaceful resolve and a profound restoration of interpersonal harmony in accordance to your personal level of acceptance and receptivity. 

Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing is not psychological therapy or counseling, therefore, it is not behavioral modification. Psychology accesses mind wisdom and emotional intelligence to heal the pain.

Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing accesses the Spiritual Light of your Soul or spiritual self to bring warmth, healing and understanding into the personal pain and sorrow of your body/mind wisdom identity. Many recognize the body/mind wisdom identity as the conceptual self or human personality.

Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing activates your Soul Light to initiate healing and wellness in your human presence. This is the God-Light within you. Your Soul Light integrates with your human consciousness (conceptual mind – thoughts and feelings) to provide the following: 

  1. Awareness of your Spiritual Guides
  2. Identifies your core issue of distress
  3. Companion with its message
  4. Release and forgive oneself and the other
  5. Receive Healing through the God Light of your Soul Wisdom

Post care time involves a 3-5 day integration of healing and restoration. During this time, it is recommended to:

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Rest, relax with nature 
  3. Meditate, Chant, Pray or Play
  4. Listen spaciously with your breath
  5. Journal dreams and new awareness

Healing may require more than one session, depending on your personal story of circumstances and lived life experience. Trust your intuition to know what is right for you, but as a guideline, it is recommended at first, to receive three Healings in succession, usually a week to three weeks apart, each. This allows time to align and receive the blessings of personal peace. 

Many find comfort in scheduling sessions throughout the year to support continuing wellness and calm or if something new arises requiring healing.

Somatically, clients have reported feeling a warm energy moving through their body or in very specific areas, a soft or rapid release of stress and/or mild tingling, improved eyesight, and the release of chronic physical pain.

Emotionally, clients have experienced a lightness, new hope and a buoyant joy in emotional peace, deeper connection and depth in belonging.

Psychologically, clients found peace of mind, calmed and empowered with mental clarity, wakefulness and understanding in life purpose restored.

Spiritually, clients have connected with their loved ones finding answers and comfort necessary for personal closure while others increased relationship intimacy in faith based principles.