Katy’s intent is spiritual wellness, therefore, your emotional and mental bodies of consciousness are called into alignment, thus, revealing the primary shadows of conflict that may be manifesting physical, emotional or mental illness.

Katy’s respectfully quiet and contemplative nature gives immediate comfort and emotional peace while entering into a personal journey of divine co-facilitation to heal the unresolved grief – the primary cause of all illness and distress.

Remember, Katy believes we must learn to cherish our personal traumas as God markers of spiritual brilliance.

Upon request for session, please observe and record your dreams, pay attention to life around you.

Your session will be safe, comfortable and private

Your Spiritual Guides are invited to participate

Quiet contemplation of Spirit in an active meditative journey

Shadows within your divine energy centers – that is where the grief is lodged – are released

Some denial, usually tears, even men

Then your heart opens and the true healing begins

Sessions are usually 50 minutes in length and clients have reported feeling a warm energy moving through their body or in very specific areas, a soft or rapid release of stress, mild tingling, lightness where they once felt heaviness and dread, clearer eyesight, free from physical pain, emotional peace, mental clarity and most often, the stunning release of the core issue causing the imbalance.  Others have reported seeing Spiritual Masters or Loved Ones assisting in session (which they do!).

Everyone Heals!