Soul is Truth and Truth is Love.

When the perception is loss, separation occurs, thus, in an effort to protect the human heart and intellect, grieving shadows emerge articulating loss and disconnection, the precursors of metabolic illness in mind, body and spirit. This then compromises the integrity of Soul’s spirit to perceive others correctly with right intelligence and true compassion.

The law of love creates and manifests in our lives what we believe to be true and real. Soul lives in loving confidence when connected clearly and purposefully to its core truth and will assume consciousness based on the law of its own heart. Soul uses the thoughts and feelings of our subtle bodies as the regulators of experience. If love is not the prime mover of cause in one’s life, then often, in a misguided arrogance, the individual may project misalignment of purpose.

Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing empowers the spirit to remember and heal in gentle transformation through the heart wisdom of primal truth living within you.

My intent for the individual is spiritual wellness; therefore, the emotional and mental bodies of consciousness are called into alignment, thus revealing the primary shadows of conflict. Depending on the individual’s Soul agreement with the Divine, these shadows may manifest physical, emotional or mental illness. Sometimes, the karmic pattern of an individual is such, that to go through the illness is the only way.

Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing has helped individuals realize truth as it relates to the primary shadow manifesting illness or unexplained behavioral patterns. Sessions are structured quietly to enter into a personal journey of divine co-facilitation to heal the unresolved grief through the gentle mercies living within the individual’s heart and spirit.

Now, please take a moment, still your thoughts and go into a quiet contemplation with the Divine. Ask yourself, “If I were to touch the face of God, what would my experience be? How would touching the face of God help me?”

As we learn to cherish our traumas as God markers of spiritual brilliance, the law of Soul determines greater service in the partnership of life.

One day, while picking my son up from school, I had a heart attack. The chest pains felt like a vise crushing my heart while the ability to breathe became life threatening. I knew I was dying and grieved for the loss my son would soon realize. The ER doctors administered oxygen and nitroglycerin while advising this was not my first heart attack with little hope I would survive the night. Suddenly, I realized my first heart attack had occurred earlier on Valentine’s Day.

These heart attacks were the result of personal shock. Each relentless dissent of cacophony slammed my subtle bodies with tsunami waves of searing, blazing grief. My attorney advised me, the behaviors of these people I loved and trusted demonstrated the pathological psychosis of Hitler.

In my first heart attack on Valentine’s evening, I awoke in a dream greeted by a vast receiving line of Angelic Hierarchies standing in a golden temple of white light. One I personally knew since the age of four, embraced me as I fatally collapsed. Holding my lifeless body close to his heart, he leaned over and with great tenderness kissed my cheek, then touched my spiritual eye with the pulse of his heart.

He then carried me through vast swirling worlds of bright white light along a pulsing artery of sparkling blue sound. Spiritual Masters within the angelic hierarchies very quiet in nature would appear periodically in subjective study of my lifeless body. Each visited upon me the gentle mercies of their particular spirit, as I gradually awakened into a flush of gentle kindness flowing reconnecting the torn subjective tissues of my heart.

This Great Master of the Heart then stood me upright, and breathed into me a vast wind of centered purpose. In this I revived and experienced the synergy of a vast mercy positioning me in direct observance of an enormous whirlpool of energy.

I observed its core to be a living void, pulsing steady sounds of strengthening harmonies rebuilding the intimacies of my heart while encouraging me to live and breathe. Its outer perimeter poured forth thunderous dynamic waterfalls of sparkling generosity strengthening my outer form in the regions of the subtle bodies healing the agony and despair.

I surrendered into the primal magnetic resonance of its most precious glory, realizing the cellular realignment occurring distributed itself as the embryonic waves of love and mercy. I did not resist, thus, found myself being carried deeper into the core of this most beloved being transforming me into the heart of its truth. This Spiritual Guardian of my transformation, realizing the intent of my surrender, reached out and kindly pulled me back whispering, “no, its not time, listen.” Then this enormous being of merciful generosity spoke to me:

“Take my heart and give to others, what I have given to you.

Be the direction of your own Spirit.”