Walking in the Garden of Life

The lotus blossoms give way

To the brighter truth of you

Living in the memory of my heart


As I stand still in quiet pleasure

Listening to the rhythm of your sound

I dance in the melody of your song

Awakened by the dream you live.


So long ago, the Master’s touch

Graced one wearied heart

Softly crying the unknown presence

Stirring stillness of personal walk


I remember the tears upon my face

The dream of tomorrow’s sorrow

As I ran away into the raging storm –

Thundering, vast emotional pain


I returned to the farm, my home

Of long ago in a life past the old memories;

Do you remember the roaring of the sea

Churning in the depths of my discovery?


I knew not which way to go; therefore, I cried,

Destiny had been written in your call

As the wind blew through the fear

While the dream became undeniably clear.


Rumi’s poetry ushered my heart’s lament

And empty I became in the fire of desire

Seeking nothing but the single hot white flame

Summoning the return of my spirit’s voice


And the Master revealed by nightly vision

This journey my surrender would bring

Service to its heart, a child would sing

Loving my spirit’s voice in hot, white flame


Last night, when you called to my Spirit

Asleep, the physical body lay, resting

So many tears were cried in 12 memories

Long years they have been, my friend….


Am I now the spirit of my body?

Have I become the voice of God’s heart?

No, I am only a reflection of its choice

A mirror of its brighter presence


And in these 12 memories of tears

Always, the spirit of your flowing current

Rested in the Sacred Trust of my heart

While separated in response by duty bound.


I have met Rami Nuri in this year, the 13th memory,

And he told me I would become that dream

As we soared with the eagles he brought to me

Higher into the planes of Hukikat, Agam and Anami


The music of the woodwinds released my heart

As I twirled upwards into the white, hot flame

Curiously silent, quietly respectful, of you, of me

Arriving into the open heart of eternity


Tomo Geshing once carried me there

In the year of 10 memories; so many tears, though,

The heart was broken, no body, so much sadness

And the Nine Silent Ones, they stood by me,


As they taught me the secrets of the universe

The purpose of love, the reason for Soul

And upon their wings, I dreamed

And found you, my friend, always there with me.


How could I not know your heart

Whispering this kindness to me?

I was so young, and to embrace your love

Your feeling for me…my pain…it ruled me.


But now I stand in the fullness of this flame

Living in the reverence of its teachings

Loving you in the wholeness of your spirit

Upon the dawn of Sacred Voice, my 14th memory


– Katy Rose

© 2005