Haiku #1
– Katy Rose

Silent waterfalls
Rivers wrestle mountain breath
Gentle birth, baby.

Haiku #2
– Katy Rose

Osprey, river hawk
Seeks fish, white river elk heart
Observe the songbird.

Haiku #3
– Katy Rose

Angels dance softly
Rivers flow wildly
Ascension of the Heart!

My personal experience while writing these Haikus:

I experience Haiku as simple in the moment celebrations of awareness. Life is full of complexity and mystery, joy and celebration, and more. To simply sit in mindfulness with one moment observing the power of presence and connection with haiku perception, frees the Soul in a subtle truth of respect for creation. I enjoy the strong visuals, the emoting celebrations of rivers and waterfalls, the sounds of a songbird, the spiritual self-awakening in the white river elk heart, as the osprey partakes of nourishment, and yet a baby is born as angels dance.

The first two Haikus follow the standard form of 5-7-5 syllables using everyday speech without thinking, just experiencing, seeing directly into the reality of the moment. The third Haiku celebrates the continuation of life in freer form more accustomed to the Western tradition.

The tender feeling and slenderness in expression, the solitary moment of life in haiku is represented in how the silent waterfall gives birth to a baby, as the songbird and river hawk are observed by white river elk, while angels dance in the ascension of the heart. All are fleeting moments of truth, reality and perspective.