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Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing

Standard (One Hour) Healing: $125.00       

Prepaid  Package of 3 (One Hour) Healings: $299.00     (Savings of $76.00)

Established client 1/2 hour Healings: $65.00

An established client would be someone who has received (3) full one hour healings. 

Business Hours: Conveniently, by appointment only.


Includes one-hour session identifying and healing with gentle release, core centered shadowed conflicts unresolved in your subtle bodies of thought and feeling – the regulators of our human experience.  These thoughts and feelings we attach to our life experiences, at any age, will either hinder us or empower us to live abundantly, or not, in our life purpose. They carry a charge of either positive or negative. The degree of charge determines the intensity of unresolved conflict.

Feeling stuck? Concerned? Seeking freshness in life perspective? Challenging relationships? Indecisiveness? Fear of the Unknown? Death and Dying uncertainties? Spiritual or Religious conflicts? Loss? Health or Wellness concerns? Family sorrow? Why am I this way? What can I change in me? Help!

Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing, an Interfaith based healing system, birthed from a Near Death Experience in the Light, offers you a timely, safe passage through and out of these situations with a prayer centering guided meditation accompanied by spiritual clairvoyance and trust in the co-facilitation of the merciful kindness and love living in your personal system of sacred beliefs.

Clients are reporting amazing immediate,  observable, lasting changes in health and wellness within their own being.

Please visit the testimonial page of:  www.eagleheart.life

Call now to schedule : 720-667-7928 or email: [email protected]

When you schedule, I will invoice you by email with a link to Paypal  for ease of prepayment.


With love and generosity,

Katy Rose