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Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing is a spiritually based, interfaith healing system originating from a near death experience in the Light of our Creator. Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing is a complementary mind-body medicine based in somatic mindfulness, guided imagery and relaxation techniques. It does not replace conventional therapies or allopathic medicine.

Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing prioritizes your health and well-being through an intricate trust and belief in your personal integrity and desire to identify and promote healing now, rather than later. Spiritual clairvoyance identifies the subtle body conflict, inviting you, and your faith system as co-facilitators to heal through a gently guided meditation sourced in the purity of a loving mercy. Our thoughts and feelings are the regulators of human experience. If they contain unconscious conflict from an unpleasant experience or trauma, we can manifest disruption in our lives and sometimes, even disease.

Divine Light Integrity spaciously creates the ability for you to listen and understand your shadow’s grief as these pernicious conflicts are identified, welcomed, and released with gratitude. You, as Soul, are gently guided through a holy journey of transformation and restorative peace, as a living breath of eternal sound in a fully integrated transpersonal healing. There are no absolute guarantees, only very real opportunities for you to heal the subtle body unresolved core issues in your life. Testimonials can be read on: www.eagleheart.life

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