Boulder Creek Contemplation 
by Katy Rose (2017)

Today, I walked out to my meditation bench next to the creek with a calm, welcoming sense of introspection. I felt the vitality of Mother Earth kiss the soles of my feet with such tenderness and life; I felt alive and joyously engaged with the soft, subtle wind rustling the leaves of the magnificent artistry of trees, plants and flowers. The bubbling of the brook called me home int the still silence of my own heart. I sat upon my soft wood tone bench and began to chant “Shen Yun.”

I felt my hands being held by the heart of life knowing kindness prevailing the ostensible outer sounds of men playing basketball, an airplane flying over and a bird chirping in a distant tree. Ruminating thoughts dampened in the chorus of presence as I opened into a hot, white flame of contentment and acceptance. I felt at peace.

The sweetness of flowers touched ever so gently upon my notice as wisps of magical sensory delight. As I observed the surrounding trees, I noticed a sadness within a branch of one majestic tree. Perhaps, lightning severed its governing arm asserting the direction of East? I found myself energetically healing its brokenness with strength of vision in spirit. It grew and became whole again in the spaciousness of itself as it reached out towards the light of the golden sun. I felt proud of its achievement. Tree chose to heal and love again in the gentle mercies of its own spirit.

Just then, I gazed upon a smaller plant variety flourishing closer to the ground. A spirit nymph revealed herself in a soft pink flame of heart light, wearing a white crown chakra blessing the individual leaves with star essence. She looked at me and smiled, then returned to the blessing of the leaves. My heart, the Supreme Controller, sang “Shen Yun!”